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Observations about coastal rowing – Day 3 and 4.

Day 3 and 4 in the books.
A couple last practice sessions, more crazy weather, and racing started.
Coastal continues to grow on me. Its wild.

It’s totally different than flat-water rowing.

The race starts on the beach. Everyone is standing on the beach. Racers, coaches, teammates, family, friends. 12-20 boats wide. It is awesome. There is a noticeable different energy.

What is the wind doing?
How do the waves look?
Wheres the first buoy?
Check the wind again.

“Boats in the water!”

Each racer has 2 boat handlers who hold the boat in place while the racer stands next to the boat.

They hold the boat still. “Attention.” BEEP.

In the boat, over the first wave and out to the first buoy. Racers use one of their holders to help steer for the first strokes. Catch, Finish, Wave. Where is the buoy? Wave. Catch, Finish, Wave.

It is just different. Its not the same as sitting 6-8 across looking down a 2k course. This race is constantly changing. Racing on open water, 12-20 people wide, through the waves, and everyone is sprinting straight towards that same 1st buoy.

This is like the X Games of rowing. There is an element of chaos, and combined with the wind and waves, it is extremely exciting to watch.

Alex and his 4x race tomorrow. I am hoping to get some video of that race starting so that I can share the experience with everyone here.